Customer engagement as the critical success factor in changing drivers behavior

This whitepaper gives valuable insight to insurers on how to build and maintain relationships with customers for a better ROI.

Why you should download it:

  • The research is based on a large dataset with vigorous scientific statistic analysis.
  • It explores the correlations and causations between the driver’s activities and their quality of driving during the course of one year.
  • It describes what it really means to have an engaged customer and the monetary value of such a customer base.

It is a short and useful read with only 16 pages and 5 informative graphics representing one year of data with one million analyzed driver journeys.

This research reveals the way insurers can leverage on engaged users to improve their churn.

Whoever runs the customer relationship in the mobility project, especially in insurance, should consider creating a comprehensive customer engagement program in order to get the most from the usage-based program.

It includes precise release planning, and appropriate mechanisms in order to assure short-term, mid-term and long-term engagement. Also, it has to be locally relevant to achieve market adoption and ensure results.

Amodo provides a leading customer engagement suite for insurers with software built to ensure a long-lasting and sustainable relationship for both parties.


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