Customer communication strategy for usage-based insurance programs

Insights and reports help create useful strategies for any kind of business in any industry. Thanks to telematics gathered and the four stages of our platform, our clients get regular data reports with insights into their users and product performance. This data helps them in setting goals and deciding on new products and products features. They also get suggestions on communication and engagement tactics that would help them get new customers, create stronger relationships with existing ones and cross-sell their products.

Good communication is a key factor and skill for successful insurance deals. This whitepaper gives valuable insight to insurance carriers on how to efficiently manage communication with their customers that have usage-based insurance powered by telematics data.

Why you should download it:

  • It includes research on close to 50 different insurance companies that offer telematics-based insurance products.
  • There is also a good overview of the current market situation on the topic of customer communication in the insurance business.
  • It provides guidelines to insurers on how to successfully manage efficient communication and straighten relationships with their customers.


Take the opportunity to learn more about communication strategies or get new ideas how you can create a stronger bond with your end-users in the insurance industry.

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