Tech revolution in the auto insurance industry

With the digital revolution in motor insurance currently underway, what should tech leaders look out for as the next innovation?

The news about digitalization has been around for some time now but the vast majority of the players in the insurance industry are just catching up with the new wave. Smartphone telematics is creating some life-changing opportunities. While having the ability to get valuable insights on end-users behavior, insurance carriers are now able to offer hyper-personalized usage-based insurance products that are changing the nature of communication, moving the focus from price to value, from saving to safety. 

This Raconteur’s Digital magazine sponsored by Amodo, provides valuable insights on how Insurance players must adapt to meet customer expectations.

Topics included in this publication:

  1. Usage-based insurance – thinking beyond the black box
  2. Time to get real with relationships
  3. Five challenges and opportunities in going digital
  4. Unlocking the value of data

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