Case Study: UNIQA

SmartKasko: The most advanced smartphone-based Pay Per Mile program


When it comes to launching a new product or service, having clearly defined goals, and knowing where you want to position yourself on the market, are often the most critical factors of the overall project's success. UNIQA International was well aware of that. They set four key points which their new telematics solution had to fulfill:
- being different,
- available on-demand,
- unique proposition,
- easy to use.

In that respect, UNIQA did not search for a solution provider; with Amodo they decided on a long-term partner who would guide and support them through the entire journey.


UNIQA International joined forces with Amodo, and in the summer of 2021, they launched the most advanced smartphone-based Pay Per Mile program branded SmartKasko. Since then, the program has been available to all Croatian drivers by a smartphone application.

This innovative application consists of Amodo's Pay As You Drive, Pay How You Drive, and Try Before You Buy technologies fully adjustable to customers' needs. Users can activate comprehensive motor insurance whenever needed, and it is wholly contracted and controlled by the client by a mobile application. Additionally, users can enjoy the additional benefits of driving safely, as they get rewarded for driving cautiously and safely. The Try Before You Buy function of the application enables anyone in the country to use and test it freely for 30 days before making the final purchase decision.


Powered by Amodo's proven track record of technology and know-how, UNIQA enriched an existing product portfolio with a unique telematics proposition. Combing the three most popular usage-based insurance products in one simple-to-use application, they found a way to stand out from the mass and offer the traditional insurance sector a fresh approach.

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"UNIQA smart kasko is the first casco product on the market that can be activated/deactivated as needed and is fully contracted and controlled by the client via a mobile application. The platform was created in collaboration with Amodo, a leading insurtech in the field of telematics. We have benefited tremendously from the support of the Amodo and with their expertise, advice and support, we have developed a digital innovation on the market thinking about the needs of our clients. The application increases traffic safety, raises awareness of responsible driving and is easy to use."

Luka Posedi, Project manager for UNIQA Croatia.   amodo188


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