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Digitalizing insurance, putting simplicity first and giving back to the community

The insurance industry in Croatia is primarily traditional, with a lot of paperwork, branch offices, and a negligible portion of digital penetration. Despite being the oldest and biggest insurance company in Croatia, Croatia Osiguranje has been disrupting the market with its fully digital insurance brand LAQO.

Led by the company's core values of innovation, social responsibility, and convenience, Croatia Osiguranje wanted to design a solution that would create more value for individuals by changing their driving behavior, giving back to the community, and positively affecting society and the environment.


LaqoPrevent – Convenient and effective program on a mission to encourage safe and sustainable driving

At the beginning of 2021, LAQO and Amodo partnered to launch LaqoPrevent program. This program aims to prevent road accidents by encouraging, educating, and rewarding responsible driving behavior. In 2022 application was enhanced by carbon footprint calculation, which allows drivers to monitor CO2 emission for each ride and thus has a positive impact on the environment and fuel consumption. The program is a part of the LAQO mobile application that respects the habits of modern users. It is digital, easy to use, and highly engaging.

Amodo's technology allows LAQO a personalized approach to each application user. Amodo product collects behavioral data, analyzes and contextualizes this data to identify the area of most important improvements for each user. Consequently, Amodo platform, in collaboration with LAQO, proposes an adequate gamified training program that will improve driver's skills in the needed direction. LaqoPrevent rewards the successful completion of individual tasks with different electronics and tech gadgets.

Whether the customer engagement mechanics are correlated to a specific day of the year and are short-term badges or longer-term challenges and reward contests, they all share the same mission - fighting against black statistics on Croatian roads. Currently, 40% of LAQO users are actively participating in LaqoPrevent program.


Using the power of telematics to change drivers' habits and promote responsible behavior

Through the partnership with Amodo and utilizing the benefits of telematics technology, LAQO team found a way to positively affect the driving style and promote responsible and sustainable driving behavior.

The average driving score of drivers participating in LaqoPrevent is constantly improving, currently amounting to 73 points out of 100. With a positive correlation between good driving behavior and rewards, up to now, more than 1500 prizes have been awarded.

With the initiatives to be the pioneers in the digitalization of insurance, LAQO and Amodo are continuously developing new programs within the application.

Ana Zovko, Direktorica Sektora za digitalni razvoj Croatia osiguranja_1 (1)-modified „The biggest proof of our success can be seen in the behavior of our users who are coming back and renewing their policies, but also actively participating within our LaqoPrevent program and driving contests. We are continuously growing and attracting new customers which can definitely serve as another proof of our achievement and strength on the market. LAQO currently offers fully digital contracting of car insurance, and in the next stages the introduction of other types of insurance is planned. LaqoPrevent program also continues to grow, our latest innovation now allows LAQO app users to track CO2 emissions for each ride and reduce their carbon footprint.“
Ana Zovko, Chief Digital Officer at Croatia osiguranje d.d.
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